10 June 2010

New Idea?!?!?/ Post-Soviet World with a side of Turkish Delight

So my BFF Adrienne is here visiting me and she's a Media Communications major. So we were talking about my blog and I was complaining that I love sharing my pictures, but I struggle with writing the prose. I love communicating through photography, but find the text tedious. Hence, the new idea was formed. PHOTOJOURNALISM-style blog. I would love to share my photos with you along with short descriptions. I want the photos to speak for themselves. Let's see how this goes. 

The second half of my Spring Break trip with Stephanie took us to Sofia, Bulgaria and Istanbul, Turkey. 
We took a night train from Athens, Greece to Sofia, Bulgaria with no train staff and no English-speaking fellow passengers. Customs was a little rough. 
In Sofia there are natural water springs where everyone collects their water. 
Greek Orthodox religion + Russian architecture = Breathtaking.
Sofia carries signs of the USSR everywhere. There is definitely a "vibe" that is totally different from anwyhere else I've traveled.
Then another train to Istanbul complete with staff and English speakers. Yet Steph became a little exasperated by the repeated taking of our passports only to disappear. She finally declared, "I'm putting on my pants and following that character." Needless to say, side-splitting laughter ensued. 
The Hagia Sofia combines an ancient church and mosque making it a fascinating fusion of religious iconography. 
The Christian symbols were beautifully rendered yet mostly destroyed.
The Blue Mosque makes a stunning impression. And there are snacks! 
Street markets hold a place in my heart I will never truly understand. Something about the crazy energy just gets me.
The bazaar is huge and full of goodies! Turkish delight anyone?

Hope this new format works a little better. We'll see!