29 August 2009

The Trial Pack

So I'm about to leave for Spain . . . for 10 months! I really can't believe it. I'm so excited and so terrified all at the same time. Why terrified you might ask? Well I coerced my father into helping me do a trial pack. For those of you who know him, just imagine Carl sitting on my bed calmly and rationally discussing the needed amount of tank tops and accessories. I wanted to make sure my 50 pairs of shoes would make it in my allotted luggage space. Needless to say, they do not fit. After many groans and cries of frustration I resigned myself to 10 pairs and only half of my clothes. It was a rough start, but hey that means more shopping in Spain. Right? Getting my booty home? I'm not thinking about that yet. That's almost a year away.

Here I'll be recording my adventures from time to time. I can't promise that I'll be faithful or interesting, but I will try my best. Next time I write I will be in SPAIN! Woohoo! May the tapas, bullfighting, and espanol begin!

p.s. - As for the title of the blog . . . yes it's from My Fair Lady! I could never forget Audrey Hepburn's hat in that movie. A classic. Although for the record, it was Adrienne Chaudoin's idea. Brilliant!


  1. hollatcho grrrrllll

    nice job with the blog. I discovered today there are lots of websites with cool templates you can upload. but i like yours. my friend at school and i started a blog. it's really silly, but you might find it amusing. it's eavesdroppawnshop.blogspot.com

  2. Hey There Katie Girl! So excited for you....hope the upcoming months exceed your expectations. Be safe ~ but have a fabulous time! I look forward to reading about your experiences in the weeks ahead. Loves & Hugs from the Harris Clan.

  3. Katie,

    Studying Abroad...two words, "Life Changing." From someone who has been there, learn to expect the unexpected and cherish every moment God gives you.

    En las palabras de mis estudiantes de la programa bilingüe “¡Si se puede!”

    Vaya con Dios,


  4. Katie - you will be amazing as you always have been! The very first time I met you you were jumping off a wall. You were 3. That has proven to be your personality, Katie, always leaping. This is a big one but there is no one that I know better equipped to tackle this one head on. I look forward to reading all of your updates and I'll be praying for you everyday! Je m'apelle Laurie - OK so I didn't take spanish and the only freakin french I can remember is "my name is Laurie". Don't judge:)

  5. Thought I would say hello. Hope your first day in Spain has gone well. Can't wait to see what your first impressions are, other than probably fatigue at this point. Dad is making dinner. Chicken is on the grill and jazz on the ipod speaker. The only thing missing is the active banter that is always prevalent as we cook a meal. Already looking forward to you coming home for Christmas (where ever that may be) and cooking the dishes you have learned. Maybe you could find a cooking class while you are there to learn how the spainards do it. Love you always, Momma