25 January 2010

i'm dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

So this Christmas I got to head back to the US of A! In some ways, I was a little sad when I heard about my friends' plans to galavant around Europe. A weekend in Malta, a fortnight in Rome. But in the end, I was so excited to see my family, eat black beans burritos, and decorate the christmas tree that I couldn't be more amped. I arrived after a long flight, next to a kind of annoying girl, and saw my parents waiting by baggage claim. I was so excited. I ran to my mom and was giving her a big hug when I heard, "Katie, look here!" I looked over and there was my bff, Adrienne, off course taking a picture of me right as I saw her. Needless to say I was shocked and super excited.

Of course, if you know me well, then you know that my first meal back had to be mexican. So we found a Don Pablos near by and I settled in for some veggie fajitas. Back in the car, my bff and mom had not forgotten our road trip tradition. There were Peanut Butter M&Ms ready and waiting! (We think Peanut Butter M&Ms are better than Reeses Pieces because they have more peanut butter in their peanut butter to chocolate ratio). After about an hour (well to be honest maybe a half an hour) of chatting, Adrienne and I were dead asleep in the back of the car. It was a wonderful way to come home.

The next morning I woke up crazy early at 7am (well early for me). As I drank my coffee, my dad informed me that we needed to unload a trailer of stuff from Evansville that morning. I didn't know that trailer would hold the best present of my Christmas (not really mom, no worries, but it was pretty awesome!) I opened the trailer and saw two bright, shining, red, OLD PEOPLE SCOOTERS! Now some people might find what they continue to read offensive. If so I'm very sorry. I love my grandmother whom the scooters belong to and I'm certainly not trying to make fun of those who use them. I'm just trying to find the silver lining in getting older. And to me using those scooters always seemed like fun. So I dragged Adrienne from the kitchen and her coffee (still in her pajamas) for some racing!

We spent our snowy morning racing the scooters in the driveway! It was so much fun!

A few days later, I imposed an obstacle course with the scooters on my other friend Carly! We found out that Carly is a calculated driver who uses low speed when optimal and faster speed when possible. I, however, bolt forward on full speed at all times knocking over the flower pot obstacles. I'm no expert at scooter racing, but man is it fun!

I even got to go sledding with some of my besties! I hadn't flewn down a hill and ran back up completely out of breath in a long time. It was a blast!

Basically I can say that my time at home was characterized by scooter racing and super mario for wii.

No really, I got to see so many wonderful people I can't even name them. I thought that I would be so ready to go back to Madrid, but I was actually pretty sad for the first few days here in Spain. I'm back into the swing of the Spanish life, but I will always remember how grateful I was for my family and friends over the holidays! It really made me appreciate how wonderful they all are!

p.s. - I applied for Teach for America and will be finding out if I get an in-person interview tomorrow AND I'm headed to the Canary Islands this weekend! So there will be another post coming!

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