13 September 2009

the best way to spend an afternoon

So I've found the best way to spend an afternoon in Madrid . . . Retiro Park. It is the most relaxing place I've ever been. There are beautiful fountains, green spaces, and benches everywhere. Walking through the park with my friends eating a McFlurry was a great way to wile away the evening. (Yes I did say a McFlurry. They are so much better here. Peanut M&M's and Hot Fudge sauce make the Spanish version AMAZING!)

One of my favorite fountains was called the Fountain of the Fallen Angel. The image of Lucifer is really striking and lets be honest: gargoyles are just cool.

In Retiro there's a lake where you can rent boats and paddle around. The water is a little gross but it's still nice. It was really endearing to see all the families spending time together. I love that family is such a large part of Spanish culture.

It was really great to spend time with other people from the group.

It was also super ironic because in the monument next to the lake there was African drum circles going on. Seeing my experiences of the summer collide was enlightening. It really is a global world!

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