26 September 2009


So first I thought I would show you what my street looks like. My momma's been asking me about it so I decided to suck it up and look like a tourist on my own street for 5 minutes. A little embarrassing but hey I got my picture. There are a lot of cute little shops and cafes in the neighborhood. I see a lot of families, students, and elderly people. I really love the mix. But walking past all the shoe stores and bakeries everyday is not good for my wallet or waist size!

And since you guys already know about my weird fascination with the clothing line outside my window . . . . here it is with my clothes on it!

For some reason that makes me feel very European. Well this week my program visited the Congress house and it was pretty neat. But on the way home, a couple of us decided to check out the inside of the Atocha train station. There's a pond/garden inside that kind of reminds me of a really small Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. There were a ton of turtles in it that were really cute!

Well at least I warned you this would be a weird one! I have exams on Tuesday and Wednesday so I will be working hard (with planned shopping breaks of course) but I'm going to hit the books!

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