19 September 2009

mi casa, su casa

Hey everyone! So I moved into my apartment this week, and I'm not going to lie, it was a little stressful. Living with complete strangers would be awkward if they spoke English, NOW imagine that they only speak Spanish and your ability to communicate with them is limited, VERY limited. I've only met two of my roommates, Cris and Ana, because the other 2 are on vacation until school starts but they are really sweet. We usually make food around the same time and sit and eat together and watch TV. There's this reality show about dancing called Fama that I've been watching a lot with them. It's pretty ridiculous, but I learn some vocab. For example, there's this dessert called churros con chocolate that is basically fried dough that you dip in thick hot chocolate pudding. It's delicious especially at 5 am after a long night of dancing (not that I would know from experience, haha). But on Fama I learned that you can call your sweetie, mi churro. Too cute. Well I actually intended to show my apartment so here it goes . . .

First here's the kitchen. . . That's actually the washing machine next to the oven. Every apartment I looked at had the washing machine as part of the kitchen. A little weird but it works. And dryer are nonexistent here so we line dry everything.

The living room is small but we have a TV with cable and the whole right wall is covered in mirrors. I think they were trying to make the room look bigger. It's not really fooling anyone.

Now my room is right off the kitchen and I'm pretty it used to be a butler's pantry. Mostly because there's a boarded up pass through on the wall and my door has daisy glass in it that has also been boarded up. It is so narrow that I can touch both walls at the same time, but I got a really good price and I live with 4 Spanish girls so try not to judge. Hey it works for me!

The others end of my room was covered in these white closets that I thought looked really boring so . . .

I got these stickers at IKEA. I think they make it a little more festive. Now did you see the window in the earlier window. One funny thing about Spain is that every window has blinds on the outside that block out all the light and no screens. My grammar professor said it's related to Catholicism, but I don't really get it. Anyway my blind is really jank so you have to open the window, pull on the bungy cord, and attach it to a hook all the way across the room to have it open and get light. WEIRD! It actually became detached from the nail and the blind fell with a crash when I first started writing this. But on the outside of the window I have a clothes line that I'm about to use when I get done writing!

Well that's my house. It's very Spanish and definitely different from home, but I love that I'm getting a real cultural experience. Tonight is La Noche en Blanco which is a citywide festival. All the museums are open all night and there are free dance lessons and concerts! It should be amazing. I'm going to bring my camera and hopefully share it with you guys.

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  1. 1. i guess europe is all the same! I always ran into kitchens with the washer in them too.
    2. you're already starting to loose your english grammar. "the others end of my room." haha- reminds me of "Don't you know I've had diarrhea since easters?!"
    3. soooo where am i going to sleep when i come to visit you? eh? :)